Office cleaning & commercial window cleaning
A reliable and professional service with trained personnel, giving you a clean working environment for you, your clients and your staff. From vital daily tasks of office maintenance and kitchen and toilet cleaning, to specialised jobs like cleaning marble or terracotta floors - whatever your cleaning needs, we will care for your premises.

Carpet & Fabric Protection
Your carpets and upholstery can be professionally protected with Dupont 2000 Fabric Protector for upholstery, or Dupont Teflon Fluoroseal for carpets. These products provide a durable stain-resistant coating which also makes carpets and fabrics easier to clean.

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Carpet & Upholstery

Carpet cleaning has always been a job requiring skills and knowledge - yet there is a perception that anyone can do it! After all, machines can be hired and carpet cleaning product bought from your local supermarket. Probably the third biggest investment in the home is the carpets, so logically, you should call in the experts. Unless, of course, you have a cheap carpet.

Our method of cleaning carpets is the hot water extraction method (carpet soil extraction), also using a rotary carpet brush. All carpets are pre-inspected and tested for colour bleed and possible shrinkage.

In cleaning upholstery we make a thorough inspection of the fabric and condition of items to be cleaned. The upholstery is thoroughly vacuumed, then pressure sprayed with a pre-wash solution, brushed in, then extracted with hot water extraction machines. The results are excellent, and no detergents, chemicals or residue are left in the fabric. This will ensure it will not resoil quickly.

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